Grades are in for Magic’s Draft

We have had a weekend now to digest and disect the Magic's draft of Victor Oladipo and Romero Osby.

Orlando is not in a position to fill needs and needed simply to continue collecting talent and assets the team can use for the future. Oladipo — whether he turns into the next Dwyane Wade or the next Tony Allen — is certainly someone the Magic envision being a solid wing player and a defender for the team as it continues to develop and grow. Osby is another versatile player who can play multiple positions and add to the ethos the Magic want to build.

If anything, this Draft was all about further establishing the culture and work ethic the Magic want to embody in the future. They seemed to do that with these two players.

Observers around the league seem to agree what the Magic did was not a home run, but was a very good step for a growing franchise. A 'B' seemed to be the most consistent grade.

Ed Isaacson of NBA Draft Blog explains in giving the Magic a 'B':

A few ways to look at the Oladipo pick. He’s a high-energy player who can be disruptive on the defensive end. He improve his jumper over the last few years, but I still think he may have trouble getting shots off early on in the NBA. Still, he will certainly set the tone for how his teammates play around him.

Osby is another hard-working player who can score around the basket and defend. I wouldn’t be surprised if he made the Magic roster.

The analysis given on Oladipo is a fair one. There are plenty of concerns about his offensive consistency and whether he will be able to make up for it with his ability to score in other ways. Like most players, there is plenty of improvement to be made in learning how to attack off the dribble at the NBA level.

The sense though is that Oladipo will help establish the work ethic the Magic want to build.

Chad Ford of is admittedly a little higher on Oladipo and gave the Magic an 'A-' for  their Draft:

It's clear GM Rob Hennigan is trying to change the culture in Orlando, and he took a big step forward on Thursday night.

In my opinion, Ford expresses pretty clearly the goal for the Magic from this Draft.

Judging the Magic's Draft is truly about whether you view Oladipo as a strong player to begin building a franchise around or someone who will never quite get his offense up to his defensive capabilities.

Matt Moore of CBS Sports is one who really likes Oladipo and gave the Magic an 'A' for the pick. However, he did not like the Magic taking the 23-year-old Romero Osby in the second round and gave the team an 'F' for the second round.

Of course, this exercise is all pure conjecture. Nobody knows how these players will actually turn out or how they excactly fit in with the future of the organization. We start answering those questions Sunday when Summer League begins.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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