Fans learning to fall with style


The Magic will tell you the goal is to get better every day. There are a lot of young players on the roster. And a bright future. 

That translates to prepare for some losing. At least for the 2013-14 season as the franchise still tries to build a championship program and build itself back up.

Few people are expecting the Magic to challenge for a Playoff spot. Even the most optimistic see a team that will be better than its record indicates. Wins and losses are not necessarily the expected goal for this season.

Where does that leave fans?

The die hards, at least, will still be watching every game even when the record gets bleak. That is all part of the process.

But how do we cheer for such a team?

Magic fans have not had to cheer for losing teams often. In 24 years, Orlando has reached the Playoffs 14 times and have had few stretches where the team was not a step away from the postseason. The longest stretch the Magic have gone without going to the Playoffs was the first four years of the franchise's existence.

Spencer Lund of, a Buffalo Bills fan, has some advice for Magic fans on how to choose for a team destined to be at the bottom of the standings and not come off too excited. Here is one of his tips:

Keep an eye towards the tiny, glimmering bright spots

Vucevic against Miami. Tobias Harris’ first couple months in uniform. Arron Afflalo’s corner 3. Maurice Harkless along the baseline. There were a lot of things to love about last year’s Magic squad, so don’t forget about them when they’re possibly staring at an 0-for start.

Once again, there will be a lot of that going on with the Magic. The foundations are still being laid. There are still some hiccups and growing pains to go through with some of the core players on the Magic's roster.

So keep those heads up, and fall with some style this year.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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