Big Magic questions with Rufus on Fire

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The Magic will end the first leg of this bifurcated road trip Wednesday against the Bobcats. Orlando then returns home to face the Cavaliers before hitting the road for two quick games before a long, much-needed homestand.

The road trip so far has exposed some of the inadequacies of this Magic roster and they are becoming the team we all thought they would probably become. This road trip has exposed some of the warts and some of the strengths of this team. Namely that they are still young and inconsistent, but that they will continue to fight.

That breakdown will continue once the team gets back home this weekend.

For now, those big questions need short answers, particularly with the Magic playing their first game of the year against the Bobcats. If Orlando is going to compete for a Playoff spot, Charlotte is one of the fresh newcomers fighting to get in at the end of the bracket.

I joined a group of Magic scribes to answer some questions from Chris Barnewall of Rufus on Fire to give the Bobcats fans a clearer picture of tonight's opponent for them:

Chris Barnewall, Rufus on Fire:How close is this team to being a playoff team?

Philip Rossman-Reich, Orlando Magic Daily: Much closer than their record suggests, even in the awful Eastern Conference. The Magic need a "star" player who can create offense for himself and for others. Maybe that is Victor Oladipo, I don't think it is. Maybe Arron Afflalo can take that leap. I think he is better as a second or third option who can create a little in 1-on-1 but is more of a catch-and-shoot guy and capable defensive player. Orlando needs its young guys to develop a little bit more before they can challenge for the Playoffs and they need that star. It might come in this year's Draft or they might have to go out and grab one in free agency when they have cap room in 2015. It is just going to take some patience to get there as these guys grow.

Ignore my long-winded answers and be sure to read the rest of the post over at Rufus on Fire with contributions from Pro Sports Extra's Zach Palmer, Zach Oliver of Baller Mind Frame and Tyler Lashbrook of Orlando Pinstriped Post.

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