Jason Maxiell wants Horace Grant goggles


At some point last season, Jason Maxiell suffered a detached retina. He underwent surgery to correct the problem at Easter. For extra protection, Maxiell said he will most likely wear some form of protective eyewear.

Maxiell is also ready to become the first player to wear No. 54 since Horace Grant.

So, of course, the natural question was whether Maxiell would go the route of his numerical predecessor. The answer?


Maxiell told Evan Dunlap of Orlando Pinstriped Post that he would like to bring back Grant's famous eyewear this season:

Currently, Maxiell is wearing a sleeker and more stylish pair of goggles similar to the ones Bo Outlaw wore when he was with the Magic. Maxiell says the Grant goggles are "a little more durable, [and] a little more my style."

Maxiell said he does not need to wear the protective eyewear, but he would prefer to as a precaution. Maxiell was sold as a lunchpail player, a guy who would work hard and provide some toughness on the interior. That sounds exactly like Horace Grant.

Even if Maxiell ends up wearing the 2000s era Horace Grant shades — or we can call them Bo Outlaw or Danny Schayes shades — it will be pretty cool. As long as he wears the classic goggles when it is Horace Grant night at Amway Center.

This is going to be a great 25th Anniversary Season.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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