The Greatest Call in Magic History: The Results

A few weeks ago, I asked you to vote on the greatest television or radio call in Magic history. After a few hiccups with the rating system (I suspect some of you vote 1 when you meant 10) and two weeks of voting, I think we are ready to name a winner.

Now, again, there might have been some confusion with the voting. I changed the question shortly after to clear up the voting process. But that should have been cleared up. So take the results with that grain of salt (and I say that mostly because my favorite to win had an inordinate amount of votes at 10 and at 1).

Ah, but the unofficial winner is this call:


With four second place votes and two first place votes, the unofficial winner is David Steele's call following the Magic's Eastern Conference Finals victory over the Cavaliers from 2009. It certainly was a great moment in Magic history.

Now, to the controversy.

The real winner was likely this from the 1995 Playoffs:


"Nick Anderson stole the ball from Michael Jordan" received the most first-place votes and four last-place votes. I would chalk that up to voter confusion. So pick your winner out of those two, I guess. These two appear to be your pick for the greatest call in Magic history.

Here are the full results:

Call Points (1st Place Votes)
"Will somebody show us the way to California?" 2009 Eastern Conference Champions 103 (2)
T-Mac off the backboard 87 (1)
Dwight's game-winner vs. Spurs 83
"Garrity throws down" 79
"Why not us, why not now?" 2005 Eastern Conference Champions 76 (1)
Shaq tears down the goal 74
Magic vs. Cavs Game 4 71 (3)
Skiles assist record 70
"Nick Anderson Stole the Ball" 62 (4)*

Again, I suspect there was confusion with the poll. In all likelihood, "Nick Anderson stole the ball" was the runaway winner in this one. And I would have to agree. That is the most iconic and memorable call in the team's history.

Between that and the Magic's surprise victory over the Cavaliers in the 2009 Eastern Conference Finals, it is hard to argue much with those two as the greatest moments and the greates TV/radio calls in Magic history.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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