Glen Davis and his love of MMA

Glen Davis has always been a fighter.

Not literally. Hopefully not, at least, because of the NBA's fines for fighting and sensitivity toward all that for its image, etc.

But Glen Davis has overcome a lot to get where he is at. And this year has been a breakout season for him as he has taken a prominent role on a team for the first time in his career. A sprained shoulder suffered in mid-December has derailed that a bit, but Davis appears on track for a recovery, shooting around a bit after practice on Thursday. It was the first time Davis went through shooting and dunking drills since the injury.

Davis is certainly still a big guy. But he has worked very hard for this opportunity with the Magic this year and he has worked himself into the best shape of his career.

How has he done that?

Orlando has long used boxing as an offseason training regimen to break up the montony of weight training, cardio drills and on-court work. Davis should feel right at home if he joins that group.

You see, Glen Davis is a big MMA fan (h/t Jeff Fox of Hoops Manifesto):

After years of carrying too much bad weight on his frame and having his conditioning called into question, Davis gravitated towards MMA workouts as a means to get into better shape. It worked – he dropped 25 pounds once getting involved with the sport. And that’s allowed him to be more productive for longer stretches on the court – look no further than his career-high 33 minutes per game he is playing this year for Orlando.

'It’s helped me lose a lot of weight,” Davis says of his MMA training. “And just the mental aspect – to stay calm but at the same time having a sense of urgency. You got to have that sense of urgency when you fight but at the same time you can’t be all crazy and wild because you’ve got to watch for all types of tricks. So you’ve got to keep your composure and that’s kinda helped me. Playing basketball you’ve got to think – you’ve got to be calm but at the same time the sport is fast – you’ve got to go up and down (the court).'

Davis certainly seems right for the sport with his passion and his never-quit attitude. It is something I am sure Davis will do again in the offseason.

Right now, though, Davis cannot do much of anything but watch as his team struggles. The Magic are 0-7 since Davis went down with the injury.

It seems like Davis' fight back is just beginning. He is used to watching a good fight.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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