Glen Davis providing Playoff commentary for Bleacher Report

Orlando Pinstriped PostGlen Davis is known for speaking his mind. He provided some of the most quotable moments of the season in his short playing time this season — anyone remember "Opinions are like butt holes. Everyone has got one. Some of them stink." during the Magic's opening weekend?

Davis took the role of team captain seriously and was a leader on and off the floor. When he was injured, he was taking his energy and boisterousness out to the community.

For the first time in his career, Davis is not playing in the Playoffs and that certainly hurts him. He talked all season about the hunger to compete for a championship and that is an important presence on this team.

A little thing like staying home for the Playoffs is not going to keep Davis from being part of the Playoffs though. Davis is taking his turn as a member of the media this postseason (h/t Michael Brumagin of Sheridan Hoops):

Oh yeah, that is right, Davis is providing his Playoff thoughts for Bleacher Report. And Davis is providing his unique perspective on the postseason.

Davis has been breaking down the series by asking Who has the Most Swag? Take Davis' breakdown of the extremely exciting Warriors-Nuggets series:

Certainly a perspective only Glen Davis could provide. We are looking forward to seeing what else Davis has in store for us the rest of the postseason.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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