55 Days to Tip Off: Laron Profit, or how we got Jameer Nelson

Believe it or not, we are less than one month away from the first Magic preseason game. Orlando will open training camp on October 1 and open the preseason in Mexico City against New Orleans on October 7. So how will we get ready? By counting down to the beginning of the season on November 2 against Denver. Let’s begin:

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Laron Profit is back on the Magic. Jacque Vaughn added him to the coaching staff as an assistant coach in charge of player development. The joke us long-time Magic fans made was immediate.

No, Orlando has not yet traded Profit to Washington. That was something the Magic did twice.

On September 22, 1999, the Magic traded their second round pick in the 1999 NBA Draft to the Wizards for a 2001 second round pick. That pick became Omar Cook. Orlando traded Cook on draft night to Denver instead of a first round pick to complete the Chauncey Billups/Ron Mercer trade. So there.

On August 1, 2001, the Magic traded Brendan Haywood to the Wizards for Laron Profit and a 2005 1st Round pick that turned out to be Julius Hodge. That pick was traded to Denver for… Jameer Nelson.

So thanks to Laron Profit, the Magic were able to acquire Jameer Nelson. Nelson may very well be the best playero n this year’s Magic team (see it all tied in!).

Isn’t the basketball-reference trade partners tool fun?

Profit never did play a game for the Magic. Obviously, he is still part of the Magic’s vast lore … and, now, its future.

55 more days!

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