39 Days to Tip Off: Meet Skyenga

Believe it or not, we are less than one month away from the first Magic preseason game. Orlando will open training camp on October 1 and open the preseason in Mexico City against New Orleans on October 7. So how will we get ready? By counting down to the beginning of the season on November 2 against Denver. Let's continue:

Slowly but surely, Magic fans will get to know all the new players on their team. There is one player in particular who already has a cult following. That would be Christian Eyenga.

Orlando acquired Eyenga in the Dwight Howard trade from Los Angeles. Eyenga really cut his teeth in his rookie year with the Cavaliers in 2011 after being drafted with the 30th pick in the 2011 draft. Still, this seems like a whole lot more buzz than a guy who scored 6.9 points per game on 42.5 percent shooting.

Cavaliers fans like Eyenga a lot though. Or at least they did back when he was on the team and he earned his "Skyenga" nickname with his athleticism and dunks (particularly over Pau Gasol).

Our pal Brendan Bowers of Stepien Rules caught up with Eyenga during the Skyenga craze in February 2011. Feel free to watch and learn about one of the Magic's new players:


We do not know what to expect from Eyenga this year. He played in only played in seven games last year. There is still a lot of untapped talent in Eyenga and a lot of raw potential. Most of Eyenga's work is done around the rim, but he took 91 3-pointers in his rookie year, making 25 of them. So, there is opportunity for Eyenga if he is healthy this year.


Judging by the reaction from fans of his previous teams, I think Orlando fans will really like Eyenga if he gets his chance.

39 more days!

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