Next Round of Rumors Starting Up

As soon as Brandon Bass went down to that ankle injury, the center position became the focus of all Magic efforts to add another player. Really that has been the focus since the big trades that sent Rashard Lewis and Vince Carter out of town.

Generally, though, nobody following the team has been satisfied with the Magic’s up and down play in the last 15 or so games. And others have begin to grumble that something needs to be done (again) to placate the gathering storm two summers from now.

The question is what do the Magic have to offer? Not much unless you want to part with JJ Redick, Brandon Bass or (possibly) Jameer Nelson. And in Nelson’s case, I doubt — for better or for worse — any other team values him as much as the Magic do. And the other problem is, as we learned in acquiring Gilbert Arenas’ contract, you are only trading each other’s trash for one reason or another.

Things, though appear to be quiet on the Magic’s front. Smith seems content waiting to see what Allen can provide the team when he is healthy… whenever that is. 

But with the trade deadline quickly approaching at the end of this month, Orlando is likely going to be connected to numerous trade rumors as a feeling of discontent over the results in the earlier trades sets in. Part of the reason the trades were done early were to, perhaps make adjustments.

Rumors will persist though.

The latest one is as juicy as the ones Orlando fans entertained in the offseason. Marc Stein of reports Orlando is on the short list of teams who has told Phoenix to call if Steve Nash ever wants a trade.

Stein makes it clear Nash is not asking for a trade, and that the Suns would likely not trade him without that request. And I find it somewhat unlikely the Suns would be willing to do a second trade with the Magic. At least not without a third party.

Things have been quiet with Carmelo Anthony for a while too. But that seems to still be a possibility. And the Magic might be more willing to rent Anthony for half a season if they can put themselves in a better position to win a title (even if it turns out to be a wholly short-term move).

These are all just rumors and they will continue to speed up and slow down until the trade deadline passes. It would appear Orlando might be in the waiver wire mercenary market after the deadline. But no one knows who is going to be available then.

Aren’t these rumors fun? 

Philip Rossman-Reich

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