Magic Keep “Win Streak” Alive… And Maybe The Season

Note: since there is no basketball, and we were supposed to have games, we will imagine there were games. With the help of AccuScore, Strat-o-Matic and Basketball Prospectus, we can imagine an NBA season even if there is not one actually going on. So with that, we begin to imagine the 2011-12 season.

Orlando and San Antonio always seem to put together some classic offensive matchups. Wednesday’s Thanksgiving appetizer did not dissapoint.

The Spurs had the hottest team in the league on the ropes late in the game. But the Magic are looking too good right now to be stopped.

Richard Jefferson scored a basket to put San Antonio up by four points with 2:12 to go. The Spurs failed to score for the rest of the game and Jason Richardson nailed a three-pointer with 14 second left to give the Magic the lead for good. Duncan’s shot missed and Dwight Howard secured the rebound to finish another gutsy 106-104win over a solid team.

Orlando has now won nine straight games after dropping the first two. Jason Richardson scored 30 points including six of nine from beyond the arc. Dwight Howard added 19 points and seven rebounds to counteract Tony Parker’s tremendous 25-point, 8-assist effort.

The Magic have hit a very nice stretch heading into the end of the month — which includes that big game against Miami.

In real life, Orlando and San Antonio appear to be on opposite ends of the bargainign table in the contentious lockout battle.

The players and owners are back at negotiations trying to settle the antitrust lawsuits that have become the battle for this lockout.

San Antonio Spurs owner Peter Holt has been at the head of the owners negotiating committee and has long been thought to be one of the leaders for the hard-line owners who want a 50-50 deal or worse. His Spurs have done well, but even he admitted that his team is losing money. It will take 16 owners to pass any deal.

But it appears from a report by Marc Stein of ESPN that the Magic are among several teams in favor of getting a deal done this weekend or as soon as possible.!/ESPNSteinLine/status/139614269053472769

Twitter / @ESPNSteinLine: Sources identify Miami, Or … via kwout

Many people around the league believe the NBA is hoping to reach an agreement soon so the season can start by Christmas. If it takes any longer, then the season is likely to be canceled.

While there are plenty of people to blame for the lockout taking this long to solve, Rich DeVos, Bob Vander Weide and the Magic’s ownership is not one of them. They are trying to get a deal done and get back to playing. Some guys are holding things up, but it does not appear the Magic are one of them.

If the Magic-Spurs game happened, then we would all be very thankful. Hopefully soon we will watch an actual NBA game.

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