Magic Announce New License Plate


The Orlando Magic recently announced a makeover to the team’s specialty Florida license plate.  To maintain a consistent brand image, the new license plate now sports the team’s official logo, as well as a shadowed image of the team’s starry basketball logo.

To get the new plate, you can fill out an application and mail it to the DMV, order the plate online, or visit any DMV office throughout the state.  The new license plate will cost $25, and 10% of the proceeds will benefit the Orlando Magic Youth Foundation.

80% of the plate’s sales will be funneled to the Florida Sports Foundation’s “Major and Regional Grant Programs,” including events like the East-West Shrine Game and the Youth Football and Cheer National Championships.

Since 1995, Magic fans could purchase the license plate below from the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles.  However, as the team changed its logo in 2000, and yet again last year, the license plate still displayed the team’s original logo and has long needed an update.