Is This The 2012 All-Star Logo?

At this point, who knows if there is actually going to be a 2012 All-Star Game at Amway Center. The high-level negotiators for both the union and the owners are meeting at some point this week, hoping to make some progress before David Stern’s arbitrary Labor Day deadline — and more importantly, before the alleged September 15 deadline before games begin getting canceled.

So let’s assume, because we live in a fantasy world of rainbows and puppies, that the NBA season begins as scheduled and the All Star Game is played on Feb. 26 at Amway Center. The NBA world will descend upon Central Florida for the annual celebration of the league and the game and to ask Dwight Howard that ever-annoying question that won’t go away — and since we live in a fantasy world, let’s say he signed that extension and the Magic are a game and a half out of first place in the Southeast Division.

What is this weekend going to look like?

We already have a date (sort of) and a venue — Amway Center is hosting the major events and the Orange County Convention Center will host the NBA Jam Session. What a bout a look that distinguishes the 2012 All-Star Game.

That look may have been leaked — and I stress may. UPDATE: I tweeted Amway Center’s Twitter feed this morning and they responded that this logo is NOT the All Star logo.

Logo connoisseur Chris Creamer of posted what potentially could be the 2012 All-Star Logo on his blog in late June (a special hat tip to faithful followers Magic Max and Adam Papageorgiou). Creamer notes that this logo is not anywhere official and is anything but the official logo.

“Twitter user SleepyJordan sent me this 2012 NBA All-Star Game Logo graphic; I’m not seeing this logo anywhere official and as far as I know it isn’t but if anyone has any additional information on it please post your comments below to help clear this up for all of us,” Creamer wrote in posting the logo originally. Nobody was able to confirm whether this logo is official or not in the comment.

Even if this is just a concept logo made by a Creamer reader, I have to say it looks pretty nice. It is simple, but incorporates a number of elements unique to Orlando. Namely, the blue and black basketball and stars. It is a good call back to the old Orlando Magic logo.

Again, simple is usually best when it comes to these All-Star logos. It is, after all, only going to be on the court for a weekend and plastered on just about every shirt.

Again, I stress, this is not confirmed as the official logo for the All-Star Game (although releasing it might be a sign to the NLRB that the NBA has every intention of going through with the season and, thus, a sign of good-faith bargaining). But, still, what do you think of the logo?

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