There’s a lot at stake tonight vs. the Charlotte Bobcats

As Alabama might sing, the Orlando Magic’s home game against the Bobcats tonight ain’t your ordinary regular-season NBA game. That’s because the Magic can accomplish quite a bit with a victory tonight.

First off and most importantly, the Magic can clinch a playoff berth with a win tonight. Also, regardless of tonight’s outcome, the Magic can clinch a berth with a Miami loss and a Toronto loss. Of course a playoff berth is no big deal for a team of Orlando’s caliber, but there should be a nice little celebration after the game.

Additionally, the Magic can tie the franchise record for longest winning streak with a win tonight. The Magic have won eight consecutive games, and a win tonight would tie the 1994 Magic and the 2001 Magic for nine consecutive wins. Orlando can then potentially set the franchise record for consecutive victories on Wednesday against San Antonio.

Consecutive victories, Orlando Magic history 9: Nov. 12, 1994 to Dec. 2, 1994 9: Jan. 30, 2001 to Feb. 18, 2001 8: March 31, 2006 to April 15, 2006 8: Feb. 28, 2010 to March 13, 2010 (active) 7: seven times

Philip Rossman-Reich

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