Chris Paul Not Going Anywhere(?)

Chris Paul, long linked in potential trades to the Magic, emerged from his meeting with the Hornets front office committed to winning and winning in the Crescent City. Or that is what he is saying at least:

“The meeting went well. It was great to get an opportunity to sit down with coach Williams, [team] president [Hugh] Weber and our new general manager, Dell Demps,” Paul’s statement said. “I expressed my desire to win and I like what they said about the direction that they want to take the team. I have been a Hornet my entire career and I hope to represent the city of New Orleans and state of Louisiana for many years to come.”

Demps said Paul never asked for a trade and that he came out of the meeting excited about the franchise’s future (they are apparently due a ton of cap room next summer… whatever that may mean with the new collective bargaining agreement).

So for now the trade rumors will die down and Otis Smith, who was paying no mind to the rumors anyhow, will go back to trying to find a third point guard to complete the Magic’s roster.

That will likely be it for Orlando this offseason. If there is going to be a major move, it likely would not happen until the February trade deadline — when Vince Carter’s contract will likely be able to net more in a trade and the team will know exactly what it needs to complete its quest for a championship.

Of course it is still difficult to believe New Orleans can get what it needs to return to the level it was at two years ago and Paul is the type of player that wants to win — and with all his buddies in positions to win, he wants to win now. Some do not believe the Paul drama is over. Something might still happen with Paul. But for now all things are quiet.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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