Reviewing the Atlantic Division

The 2010-11 season is right around the corner. No, it is like literally right around the corner. Training camps open in a few weeks and we can finally stop conjecturing and start making sense of this summer of upheaval. The new season will be much different than the old. So let’s start thinking 2011 and all the hope and promise that comes with it.

Jeff Clark of has organized the NBA Blog Preview, consisting of all the best basketball blogs across the Internet, to help everyone get ready. The Magic will be coming up sooner rather than later and the season will be around the corner. I will be trying to keep up and give a Magic-centered look at each team being previewed.

One division down, four more to go. Be sure to check out all the previews from the Atlantic Division (presented here in my predicted order of finish):

1. Boston Celtics: Jamie Canu/Celtics 24/7Brendan Jackson/Celtics HubJeff Clark/Celtics BlogFLCeltsFan/Celtics LifeBPaul/Gino’s JungleJohn Karalis/Red’s ArmyAlan Siegel/SBNation Boston, Tom Halzack/Celtics Central, Ricky Lewia/ChalkItUpEverything Basketball

2. New York Knicks: Robert Hall/Bandwagon KnickMike Kurylo/KnickerBloggerSeth Rosenthal/Posting and Toasting, Joey/Straight Bangin’

3. Philadelphia 76ers: Jordan Sams/Liberty Ballers

4. New Jersey Nets: Dennis Velasco/FanwaySebastian Pruiti/NetsAreScorchingNetsDaily/Nets Daily

5. Toronto Raptors: Romy Aquino/Hip Hoop JunkiesRyan McNeill/Hoops AddictAdam Francis/Raptors HQ

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