You knew this was coming

You knew a slide was coming for the Orlando Magic. Or a “rough patch,” as Stan Van Gundy says. In the four days off the Magic had before the Celtics game, the media slurped all over the Magic, consistently calling them the team to beat and throwing them into the contenders category. ESPN moved Orlando to the top spot in its power rankings. Good times were had by all. It was nice to hear some praise on the national level, no doubt. But the more love you get, the harder it is to win in this league. The Magic took a lot of teams by surprise this season, especially in those west-coast road games. Now, every team is getting geared up to play the Magic. The team might not mind it, but it’s most definitely a different mindset going into games. A mid-season slide happens to every team in the NBA. The Celtics didn’t magically get worse when they lost seven of nine games last month – they took their foot off the pedal a little bit, conserving their energy to last till June. KG and Paul Pierce are both north of 30, and KG has some serious intensity issues… it’s nearly impossible to keep playing at a high level for seven months if you’re not smart about it. Every team loses some games. The Magic weren’t winning 70 games, not even 65. They probably won’t win 60. But they’ve already proven they’re a solid team that is going to be awfully dangerous in the playoffs. DISRESPECT? Here’s the introduction for TNT’s all-star selection show. Magic fans love to play the disrespect card, so take notice: Not a mention or highlight of Dwight Howard in tihs intro video. We see KG and Allen Iverson several times, yet not the leading vote getter in NBA history? Let me know if I’m overlooking something here. EDIT: Apparently I missed the photograph of Dwight Howard in the first second of the video. Well, besides that. Respek.

AROUND THE WEB The Magic are back to reality, says the Lakeland Ledger. The Sentinel’s article on last night’s game. Dwight Howard didn’t get in a car accident before Thursday’s game against the Celtics, as TNT reported. He was just caught in traffic. Daily Dime chooses Jameer Nelson as an all-star reserve. The rest of the East squad looks good here, though I might take Antawn Jamison over Mo Williams.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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