Will Vince Carter be the worst newcomer on an NBA team this season or the best newcomer?

That’s the question that ESPN has thrown out as part of its summer forecast series. Carter is the only Magic player on either list, coming in at No. 6 on the worst newcomers list, behind the likes of Zach Randolph, Ron Artest and Rasheed Wallace, among others. Not exactly the kind of company Carter likes to keep I’m sure.

But he’s also tied for No. 3 on the best newcomer list, right behind Richard Jefferson and Shaq.

Here’s what the World Wide Leader had to say about Carter potentially having a negative impact on the Magic:

Adding an eight-time All-Star to an already successful lineup should make the reigning East champs even better. There is a certain amount of risk here, though. Carter will turn 33 in January, and Orlando will owe him $33 million in salary the next two years. Plus, some say Carter brings potential chemistry issues and could have a negative effect on Orlando’s vaunted defense.

Here’s what the analysts are saying about the positive impact Carter could have:

All things considered, many of the voters here eventually could rue not hopping onto this bandwagon. Although the “Heir Jordan” references vanished long ago, the numbers indicate Carter will be an upgrade over Turkoglu. So the Magic lose some length? How about VC’s many strengths, such as his still-powerful forays to the hoop? Think his solid 3-point accuracy (38.5 percent) with the woeful Nets last season will improve when he plays alongside the best big man in the game?

Also of note of interest to Magic fans, Hedo Turkoglu moving to Toronto was tied for sixth with Carter’s move to Orlando in the worst category and Hedo’s move was also No. 5 in the best category.

Sounds like the folks at ESPN are a lot like Magic fans, pretty well split on whether Vince will put the team over the top in 2009-10.

What do you think? Should the move to acquire Vince be considered among the league’s best, or the league’s worst?

Philip Rossman-Reich

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