Two other things about last night’s win over the Celtics

1. I was at Friendly Confines sports bar at Waterford Lakes, and the place was packed from wall to wall. While the crowd was there for nickel beer night rather than the Magic game, the entire place was tuned in to the game at the end of the fourth quarter. A couple “Let’s go Magic” chants started, and the place went wild when the final buzzer sounded. I’ve never heard that much sports-bar support for a Magic regular season game. Ever. It was pretty awesome to see. And it doesn’t stop there. Several of my facebook friends updated their statuses with “Go Magic” or something to that effect leading up to the game. There are more Magic shirts than I can remember. People are talking about the Magic. This team is really taking over the community. It started to get like this in the playoffs last year before the Magic got ripped by the Pistons. The playoffs are going to be a lot of fun. 2. The referees did an outstanding job last night. They let both teams play physical, and they didn’t call any cheap stuff. It was awesome, and we got a chance to see what Dwight Howard can do when he’s playing free and without the worry of being called for ticky-tack stuff.

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Philip Rossman-Reich

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