The Mount Rushmore of Magic Killers

I’ve complained about everyone jumping in on the Mount Rushmore gimmick, but whatever, I’m contributing to it. Here’s presenting to you, the Mount Rushmore of Magic Killers. If you’re new here, a Magic Killer is a definition formed around the turn of the century referring to a player who plays above and beyond his God-given ability against the Magic due to a lack of Orlando defense, game-planning, effort, or all of the above. Here’s my list – feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section. Here we go: Allen Iverson, several teams Iverson is the prototypical Magic killer. A combo guard who can score and do a little passing – but against the Magic, he mostly just does scoring. In the late ‘90s and early ‘00s the Magic could not stop this guy. Iverson has reached the 30-point plateau 16 times against the Magic, and he’s scored at least 40 four times. His career-high showing of 60 points came in a game against the Magic. And no one can forget the 1999 playoff series where Iverson almost single-handedly beat the Magic in the five-game series. Chauncey Billups, Detroit Pistons I don’t know a Magic fan who didn’t rejoice when the Pistons shipped Billups off to Denver earlier this season. Mr. Big Shot practically earned his nickname playing against the Magic. It all started in 2003. After Tracy McGrady infamously looked forward to the next playoff series with the Magic ahead 3-1 on the Pistons, Billups scored 92 points in the next three games (including 40 in game 7) to lead the Magic to a 4-3 series win. Then, in the last two postseasons, Billups has beaten the Magic up so easily it’s been almost embarrassing. And none of this is taking into account how good Billups has been on the defensive end. Richard Hamilton, Detroit Pistons He’s a smart and crafty (and dirty) player, and no one on the Magic will step up and fight back. Hamilton makes it look easy against the Magic, and he really seems to enjoy getting under Orlando’s skin. There’s only one team Hamilton is shooting over 50 percent against in his career – yep, the Orlando Magic. He’s shooting 50.1 percent and 46 percent from 3-point range in 32 games against the Magic. In the playoffs, the Magic have no answer for the guy. Without a doubt, Hamilton is one of the quintessential Magic Killers. Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat While you could say that D-Wade is a killer of all NBA teams, he always has a little something extra for the Magic. In 16 games against the Magic, Wade is averaging 30 points, more than any other team he’s played against. His 55.7 field goal percentage against Orlando is the highest of any team he’s played against. Wade gets more rebounds and assists vs. the Magic than his career average. And Wade’s career high of 50 points came in Orlando. Are those enough reasons to make him the fourth face on the mountain? Honorable mention: Paul Pierce, Juan Carlos Navarro, Flip Murray, Zaza Pachulia, Chris Bosh, Joe Johnson, Steve Blake, Dirk Nowitzki, Drew Gooden, Walter Hermann, and pretty much any other Detroit Piston over the last decade. Is there anyone I’m leaving out?

Philip Rossman-Reich

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