A chat with Brandon Bass

Brandon Bass donned a Magic uniform and addressed the media for the first time on Monday afternoon. My first impressions: he’s not that tall but he’s very, very big – his shoulders are almost Dwight-like. He comes across as a young guy who genuinely has the best interests of the team in mind, and I think there’s little doubt that he’ll blend in with the players just fine. Here are the highlights from Brandon Bass’ media session:

Q: Is it true that you gave up more money elsewhere?
Brandon Bass: Yeah, I did. I definitely wanted to have the raise, but I would turn down a couple million to be in a situation like this where I can win a championship. I feel like this is that kind of team we have here.

Q: Your agent said you weren’t necessarily looking for a place to start. What kind of role do you expect with the team?
BB: Just someone that can come in and help instantly. It don’t matter if I start or come off the bench. I just want to be able to help, and I know I can.

Q: What do you feel you bring to the team?
BB: Someone who can knock down a 15-footer, someone who can drive, someone who can play defense, someone who can run alongside Dwight… I think I fit to this team perfectly and hopefully it shows on the court this year.

Q: You’re able to mix it up at center and power forward? Does it matter to you where you play?
BB: I don’t have a problem playing wherever. Whereever coach puts me at, whatever my job title might be, I’ll be ready for it.

Q: When you’ve played the Magic in the past, what were your impressions of the team?
BB: They’ve got the Superman in the middle and a bunch of shooters all over the court. I knew were a team to be reckoned with.

Q: Why No. 30?
BB: Going back to high school and college. That’s when I was at my best, so maybe I can bring that back here.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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