Rafer Alston puts up another big home game; can he produce on the road?

Much like Clark Kent, Rafer Alston is known for his multiple personalties. And while Alston is known as “Skip to my Lou” because of his And1 days, that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about home Rafer and away Rafer. Alston scored 20 points on 8-of-12 shooting to help the Magic to their season-saving victory over the Lakers on Tuesday night. No surprise, the game was at home. Consider: Rafer Alston, since Eastern Conference Finals 4 home games: 19.3 points per game, 50 percent from the field 5 road games: 5.6 points per game, 20.4 percent from the field Does playing at home really affect him that much? “Kind of,” Alston said after last night’s victory. “You’re in your own bed, you can do your own thing as opposed to being on the road and hiding because of so much that we have to do on the road. You don’t want to just rip and run on the road, you want to get your rest, stay off your feet. Here you want to get your rest but at least you’re in the confines of your own home. That’s the only difference.” Alston was aggressive in Game 3, pushing the ball and attacking the Lakers’ defense off the dribble. He hit several floaters and lay-ups. Unlike his previous big games, most of his work wasn’t done on the perimeter — he made and attempted only one three-pointer. Stan Van Gundy referred to Alston’s strong showing as a sign of him playing his own style and getting inside of L.A.’s defense. “I thought for two days about what to say to him, and I said, ‘play your game,’” Van Gundy said. “You can write that down.” Alston’s a player the Magic will surely need going forward in this series. They’ll need a lot more of home Rafer than away Rafer, even when the Magic are on the road.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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