Maybe Dwight Howard’s technical fouls aren’t such a bad thing after all

With Dwight Howard’s most recent technical foul being rescinded, he’s got two more to use before facing a one-game suspension. Now may be a good time to use one of them. The Magic are 6-0 in the playoffs when Howard receives a technical. Maybe it pumps the team up, maybe it forces Howard to play more disciplined, maybe it’s pure chance (the most likely scenario), but Orlando has proved to be successful after Howard receives a slap on the wrist. Suffice to say, tonight’s Game 6 might be a good time for Howard to curse a referee’s mother or throw something at Mo Williams.

First technical: First round, Game 2 Magic 96, Sixers 87 4:33 left in third quarter, 66-52 Magic
Second technical: First round, Game 5 Magic 91, Sixers 78 9:15 left in first quarter, 6-5 Magic
Third technical: Eastern Conference Semifinals, Game 5 Magic 83, Celtics 75 7:46 left in first quarter, score tied 8-8
Fourth technical: Eastern Conference Finals, Game 1 Magic 107, Cavaliers 106 9:43 left in third quarter, 65-54 Cavaliers
Fifth technical: Eastern Conference Finals, Game 3 Magic 99, Cavaliers 89 2:50 left in third quarter, 65-59 Magic
Sixth technical: Eastern Conference Finals, Game 4 (rescinded) Magic 116, Cavaliers 114 4:11 left in third quarter, 73-70 Cavaliers

Philip Rossman-Reich

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