Marcin Gortat Q&A from the Orlando Pro Summer League

Marcin Gortat made an appearance at the Orlando Pro Summer League on Monday, taking time to chat it up with Magic summer players Steven Milosevic and Milovan Rakovic, while also talking to Dwight Howard, Stan Van Gundy and Otis Smith. Gortat met with members of the media very briefly and discussed his future with the Dallas Mavericks. He sounded to me like man who is pretty certain that his days as a member of the Magic are over. You can judge for yourself below. (You can also see video of part of the interview here.) Media: Why are you here at summer league? Marcin Gortat: I’m here because I live here and actually I’m just watching summer league for the first time in five years where I’m a spectator and not a guy in summer league. It’s a great feeling to watch these guys compete for a spot in the NBA. M: Was the move more about playing time than money? MG: Well, it’s a huge opportunity for me to play for Dallas obviously. Playing with a guy like Jason Kidd who is one of the best point guards in history. It’s just huge. Having Dirk Nowitzki as the best power forward in the league and being with those guys on the floor is opening a lot of things for me. We’ll see what’s going to happen. Either way, Orlando or Dallas I’m going to end up good. I’m going to around good guys with great coaching staffs and a great team who’s going to compete for championships so we’ll see, the next 72 hours will show. M: Is it hard waiting? MG: Yeah, it’s hard waiting and trying to stay away from trouble, that’s how it is. Sometimes you think you’re going to stay away from trouble and trouble is going to find you. Basically I’m trying to stay at home and relax as much as I can. I’ve got the European Championship in Poland. My national team is going to host the European Championship so that’s going to be a big thing for my country. Hopefully I can go over there with a contract with a situation where I’m just going to focus on basketball. M: Did you talk to Otis about his plans? MG: I didn’t talk to Otis about anything, I was just talking about his Camaro. He just bought a new Camaro. We don’t have anything to talk about. On July 8 he’ll have the papers on his desk and we’ll see what he’s going to do.

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