Let’s face it: Magic are soft

You can say their shots weren’t falling. You can call shenanigans on the refs, saying Dwight was fouled or Pierce and Wade were getting all the calls. But the biggest reason the Magic are on a two-game losing streak is an easy one. They’re soft. No one on the Magic, not even the big man in the middle, likes contact. While the Celtics initiate contact and play through the whistle, the Magic spend half their energy complaining to the referees. How many times have we seen a Magic player get stripped of the ball, then turn to the ref and put his hands up in protest? Yes, the Magic are one of the most talented teams in the league. They have a core of players and a strong coach that will carry them to a top-3 seed and at least the second round of the playoffs. If the Magic want to have any further success in the playoffs, they have to toughen up. Don’t complain to the refs. Take the ball to the rim. Don’t allow any easy buckets, and protect the paint. When’s the last time a Magic player laid into an opposing player going to the rim? Earlier this year, Brian Cook took down Baron Davis because Dwight had just been fouled hard. The Magic need more of that. The Magic are so close to being a championship-caliber team. All they need is a little mean streak.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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