JJ Redick talks about his recent ejection

A few weeks ago, JJ Redick was abruptly ejected after what appeared to be some trash-talk with Philadelphia’s Reggie Evans. It seemed a little peculiar for Redick to receive the double-tech, because Redick typically keeps his mouth shut toward the referees and opposing teams. Redick finally talked about the incident on his blog. Here’s what Redick had to say:

I boxed out Reggie Evans as one of his teammates shot the ball. The ball goes through the net. Evans starts running up court and after he’s about 10-15 feet away from me he turns and says something inaudible. I still don’t know what he said. I replied, “My bad, Reggie”. That’s it. Next thing I know some ref that’s forty feet away is calling a double technical on Evans and me. I walked over calmly at first and asked him, “How can you give me a technical without knowing what was said? All I said was ‘My bad, Reggie’”. He said that he “didn’t want to hear it,” and turned his back to me. And then I said, “Well that’s stupid”. Next thing I know he tosses me out of the game. It’s the two most bogus technicals I’ve ever gotten in my life. I wasn’t necessarily mad that I got ejected from a game (everyone was joking about it afterwards including the coaches) but I was upset that it was unwarranted.

Certain parts of Redick’s recollection, particularly when he says it was “the two most bogus technicals I’ve ever gotten in my life,” sound a lot like Doc Rivers’ comments that warranted a $25,000 fine. I don’t think Redick will be fined, though. And it was nice of Redick to clear up a situation that had a lot of us wondering. We’ll probably never know what Evans said, but I bet you it was no worse than the stuff you’ll hear in the average pick-up game.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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