It will be a full week until we officially find out about Marcin Gortat’s status

Otis Smith has seven days to inform the NBA whether he plans to match the Dallas Mavericks’ 5-year, $33.9 million dollar offer to Marcin Gortat. Don’t expect that decision to come until next Wednesday, Smith’s last day to make the choice. When a reporter asked Smith when he expects to make a decision, Smith quickly answered, “Oh, I’ve figured it out. OK? Next question.” Smith made it clear he’s going to take his time letting everyone else know about his decision. And the wait isn’t necessarily to gain leverage or make the Mavericks sweat – no, part of the reason is much simpler than that. “He’s going to take his time because I have my training camp with kids in Poland this week,” Gortat said. “I told him even if he knows the answer, do me a favor and hold off seven days. Otherwise I would have to come back for physicals and a lot of kids would be disappointed. That would be bad.” I think sometimes we forget that the people involved with these transactions are, in fact, people. It may seem like Smith is waffling and stalling over the Gortat situation… but maybe he’s just being a nice guy. Or maybe not. But it’s worth mentioning.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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