It’s almost trade deadline day

There are some rumors that the Magic might not be done dealing, even though the trade deadline is at 3 p.m. Thursday. Apparently, Otis Smith may not be satisfied with a couple of third-stringers as the team’s only point guards. I don’t know much beyond that, but stay tuned. Assuming there is no trade, I think it’s clear that Jameer Nelson’s injury dropped the Magic from the league’s elite to just an above-average team. They were lucky to beat the Bobcats on Tuesday night – it took an unbelievable game from Dwight Howard and a last-second, game-tying 3 from JJ Redick. Then, on Wednesday night, the Hornets put the Magic in their place. Even without Tyson Chandler, the Hornets and Chris Paul destroyed the Magic – the game was over in the second quarter. So, what are the Magic’s goals now? Obviously, a championship isn’t realistic at this point. So what do you want out of this season? What are you playing for? Scratch that, of course, if the Magic trade a first-rounder, JJ Redick and Brian Cook for Steve Nash. Yes, that’s ridiculous, but the Nash-to-Orlando rumors are swirling.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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