Instant Reaction: Magic 83, Celtics 75

rashad Photo by Andy Jacobsohn/OMD Here are some quick and random thoughts from Game 6. Check back soon for player reaction and analysis. 10:23 left in the third quarter – We’re off and running here in the second half, Comcast Boston guys can smell blood. Luckily we’ve got a Central Florida News 13 guy rooting for the Magic to our left. 8:01 left in the third quarter – Four minutes, zero points so far for the Magic in the second half. Rondo just stole from Dwight, drawing a “Nice play Rondo!” cheer from the Comcast Boston guys. 2:46 left in the third quarter – Magic force a shot clock violation then get a Dwight alley-oop on the other end. Nice work. 2:05 left in the third quarter – Rondo picks up a phantom call as he goes to the hoop for a lay up. Where was that call for Rashard a few minutes ago? 1:19 left in the third quarter – Say what you want about Starbury, he can still get by A.J. Any day of the week. 1:04 left in the third quarter – Big Baby is guarding Dwight. Of course the only way he touches the ball is if he gets an offensive rebound. END OF THIRD QUARTER – After a quarter of ups and downs the Magic still find themselves down by one. Now it’s all about who wants it more. Can Rashard get to the hoop? That will be the key to victory. 11:00 left in the fourth – Magic let Boston get another offensive rebound. Trailing in overall rebounding by 10. 10:42 left in the fourth – Marbury and Turk get into it. I love it. Double technical. 10:42 left in the fourth – Magic tie it up for the first time since the first quarter. Everyone in this place is on their feet. 9:42 left in the fourth – Dwight out and Gortat in. Magic are using Rashard to check Rondo. 8:37 left in the fourth – The Magic take the first lead of the game as Rashard takes it to the hoop. 7:40 left in the fourth – Rashard getting ready to head to the line, Magic running without a point guard right now. 7:37 left in the fourth – With a one point game and the series on the line, media row was just captivated by two female fans kissing one another. Way to stay focused guys. 6:24 left in the fourth – Just realized that the girls kissing were rooting for opposing teams. Talk about unity. 4:48 left in the fourth – Six straight from Paul Pierce and all of a sudden the Magic are down by one. That’s why the guy was the finals MVP last year. 4:15 left in the fourth – Dwight just missed two more free throws. He’s now 4-for-10 at the line, the Magic as a team are 14-for-27. 2:47 left in the fourth – Rashard needs to take the ball to the hoop. Stop giving it up to Turkoglu pleeeeease. 2:06 left in the fourth – Rashard Lewis just got blocked by Brian Scalabrine on a turn-around jump shot. Time to hang it up Rashard. 1:52 left in the fourth – Did Big Baby seriously just flop on a Rafer Alston drive? You weigh 200 lbs. more than him, you’re never going to get that call. 1:23 left in the fourth – Nice of you to join us Hedo. The game has actually been going on for 47 minutes. Either way, Magic up by six. 49.0 left in the fourth — The Comcast guys have given up on this one, heading down to the media room. FINAL SCORE: Magic 83, Celtics 75. Looks like we’re in store for a Game 7, and as we know, anything can happen in a Game 7. Boston is 17-3 in Game 7′s at home. Just something to think about for a few days.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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