Here are some 2nd-round targets if the Magic are to make a deal

The Orlando Magic won’t have any draft picks heading into Thursday, but don’t expect to see Otis Smith, Stan Van Gundy or Dave Twardzik at any mustache parties that night. The Magic’s leading men will be near the phone, looking to make a deal for a late selection if things fall the right way. Several teams have more than one second-round draft pick, and Portland owns four second-round picks as of now (that will surely change). I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Magic inquire about a late second-round pick with either cash or future considerations. Here are four players the Magic could target in the second round. These players are all projected to go late-second to undrafted, so they’re guys the Magic could get for little cost. To my knowledge, the team hasn’t held any individual workouts. Chris Johnson, LSU, power forward — At 6-11, he’s extremely long and can run the floor, but his slim frame will drop him to the late second round or possibly out of the draft altogether. Johnson is listed at 205 pounds, which is unbelievable for someone who’s 6-11. Being a decent mid-range shooter and an above-average shot blocker, the Magic could select Johnson hoping he can pack on some pounds and be a backup in a couple years. Vyacheslav Kravtsov, Ukraine, center — He possesses great size at 7-0 and 260 pounds, and there similarities to Marcin Gortat a few years ago. He’s very physical and very large, but his unpolished offensive game will have a lot of teams passing on him. Kravtsov could certainly be a weapon with his astonishing size, but it will take a few years until he’s ready offensively. Danny Green, North Carolina, small forward — The fourth wheel on last year’s national championship team, Green is a pretty typical fourth-year senior. He shoots the ball well, and when motivated he’s an above-average defender. But Green was the fourth option on his college team, and you have to wonder if he’s already pretty close to his ceiling. That said, the Magic need a 2009-10 Jeremy Richardson. Leo Lyons, Missouri, forward — Lyons can create mismatches with his mix of size (6-9) and skills (excellent ball-handler and good penetrator). If he could shoot from the outside, he’d be a lot more of a weapon — something Lyons could work on in the NBDL or as the team’s 15th man for a couple years. The things that need work in Lyons game, such as his jumper, basketball IQ and back-to-the-basket game, can be worked on.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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