Game 4: Los Angeles Lakers at Orlando Magic, 9 p.m. on ABC

It doesn’t really have anything to do about the game tonight, but here’s a nice Stan Van Gundy quote from today’s pre-game press conference when a reporter asked him about the NBA’s one-year waiting period for high-school players. “I don’t like the one-and-done. First of all, I don’t really understand how we get away with that as a league, that we tell a guy out of high school he can’t come and play in our league. I don’t know how we work that out. The guy should have a right to make a living and to come into our league. “And what I really don’t like is the way our system is set up. TO me, and I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous, but kids should be going to college if at least part of what they want to do is get an education. The way it’s set up on the one-and-done, you talk to college coaches, they’ve got to take 12 credit hours their first semester, they have to pass six. Then they don’t even have to attend class in the second semester. “To me it’s a sham. But I don’t want to get going in this press conference on the NCAA because I think that’s about the worst organization going, so let’s not get going on that one.”

Philip Rossman-Reich

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