Foul trouble has kept Dwight Howard under wraps

There hasn’t been a time this series where Dwight Howard could play defense without worrying about a foul or cringing for the fear of a whistle. He’s fouled out three times this series, and he has nine fouls in the other two games. “He’s been so consumed with foul trouble,” Stan Van Gundy said in the tonight’s pre-game press conference. “Now he’s a little hesitant and a little timid. When you’re not playing to your instincts and you get a little hesitant and a little tentative, you can end up being late on things. You’re half a step late — I don’t care if you’re Dwight or anyone else, that’s when you end up fouling. “Dwight is such a quick-reacting guy. The foul trouble… has gotten him out of the aggressive, quick-reacting instincts he has as a defender.” When pressed on if Dwight deserved all of the fouls he’s been called for, Van Gundy had no comment. “We’re trying as much as we can to focus on what we can control.” Van Gundy added that LeBron is initiating contact at the hoop, but he’s been able to finish anyway. “He’s not trying to get over Dwight, around Dwight or by Dwight where he can get space as a shot blocker,” Van Gundy said. “He’s going right through Dwight — right to his nose and to his chest. You don’t see a lot of shot blocks with a guy coming right into your chest.”

Philip Rossman-Reich

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