Dwight Howard shooting his second movie scenes of the summer

Most of you probably read Zach’s post a few weeks ago about Dwight Howard’s busy summer. In the process of becoming one of the faces of the NBA, Dwight continues to explore more and more business, marketing and entertainment endeavors. No. 1 on Zach’s list was Dwight’s role in the upcoming film “Valentine’s Day.”

Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Garner, Ashton Kutcher, Jamie Foxx… Dwight Howard? The Magic center visited the set of “Valentine’s Day” to make a cameo, but ended up shooting several scenes in the romantic comedy. The movie, which will come out sometime next year, will be the first big-screen appearance for Howard. For video of Howard on the set, check out his Facebook page.

Well as it turns out, Dwight did such a good job he’s currently on the set of the movie “Just Wright,” shooting scenes with Queen Latifah. Via Twitter: “On the set for the movie. Just wright. Omg this Is funnnnnn. And it’s s blessing.” While Valentine’s Day is a romantic comedy, Just Wright seems to be right in Dwight’s wheelhouse. The synopsis of the movie from IMDB: “A physical therapist falls for the basketball player she is helping recover from a career-threatening injury.” With all the talk of movies, video games, etc. some Magic fans have started to wonder aloud if Dwight is spending too much time being a celebrity and not enough time on the basketball. Dwight answers those critics in a new blog post on his Web site.

Some folks in Orlando are concerned that I’m not working enough on basketball while I’m doing all of this traveling, but yall have nothing to worry about. Everywhere I go my two trainers go with me. Just last week, we were going through workout sessions at 5:30 in the morning and again in the afternoon. We usually spend 90 minutes a day in the weight room and 90 minutes on the court. Trust me, I’m working harder this summer than I’ve ever worked in my life. Getting to the NBA Finals just made me hungrier than I’ve ever been. I know I have to come back better next season for us to get that ‘ship. I want it really, really, really bad. So ya’ll aint got to worry about me getting my work in. Your boy is getting better, believe that!!!!!

What do you think? Is Orlando’s franchise player spending too much time having fun, or just enjoying his summer?

Philip Rossman-Reich

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