Dwight Howard’s going to be in a movie

Dwight Howard was in Los Angeles on Monday filming a cameo in a movie with an ensemble cast including Jamie Foxx, Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher and Jessica Alba. Click here for more information on the movie, which is called Valentine’s Day. The release date is unknown at this time. I’m going to go ahead and NOT talk about the last time a young Orlando Magic center hit the big screen. Let’s just be thankful Howard is locked up four more seasons and wants to stay in Orlando as “long as the fans want me to be here.” For a video of Howard on the set, check out his Facebook page. He also pitched a reality show called “Dwight Across America” to Warner Horizon. Here is Dwight’s explanation of the show:

Basically, I want to jump into a really big customized tour bus (the kind the rock stars use) with a few of my friends and take a trip from the East Coast to the west coast. I want to get out and meet some of the 3 million fans that voted for me in last years all-star game as well as some of the 1 million folks that follow me on twitter and facebook. Actually, my plan is to find 12 really cool American spots between my home in Orlando and the shores of California. I would love for fans across America to write in about their state, their city, or their town. What’s cool about where you live? What’s fun to do there? Maybe I will make it one of my choice locations. Gator Farms, Working Farms, Ant Farms,..you got the biggest ball of yarn? the fattest cow, I want to see it all.

Let’s hope his performance turns out better than…

Philip Rossman-Reich

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