Dwight Howard’s free-throw shooting is getting better

It’s the biggest flaw in Dwight Howard’s game – foul shots. After shooting 67 percent his rookie season, Dwight has been below 60 percent in each of the last three seasons. This year, he’s at 60.1 percent – and that number has been steadily rising over the last month. The big guy gets fouled so much, he doesn’t have to be Steve Nash from the line to be effective. If he can get up to a 65-70 percent shooter, he’ll keep teams from utilizing the Smite-a-Dwight technique. Dwight has worked with several shooting coaches in his career to correct his problem. Maybe it’s finally getting through to him. Howard shot 64.1 percent in February, and he’s shooting 69 percent over the last six games. He’s hit at least half of his foul shots in ten straight games. That’s not exactly lighting the world on fire, but it’s a heck of a lot better than the 58 percent he shot in January. Things are improving… Maybe one day he can reach that 70 percent mark. Maybe.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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