Courtney Lee is NBA’s 13th-best value, Dwight is 5th-winningest player

According to Jon Nichols of, Courtney Lee is ranked 13th in terms of value in relation to his contract. Simply put, the formula is calculated by comparing a player’s production with his contract. So, a player averaging 25 points and making 20 million dollars would be similar to a player averaging 6 points and making 2 million.

Courtney Lee has a percentage of 95.49, which is third among rookies behind Mario Chalmers (5th, 98.39%) and Anthony Morrow (9th, 97.42%). Tony Battie is the Magic’s lowest-rated player at 15.75 percent. But with nobody in the bottom tenth of the league, this formula tells us that the Magic are set up well for the future.

To give you a comparison point, the Clippers have five players worse than Battie.

Jamario Moon, who is practically playing for free at $711,517, is the top-rated player in the formula.

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Nichols released a second stat called “Composite score wins.”

This formula calculates a player’s production (or composite score) and multiplies it by the number of games his team wins (that’s putting it very simply). As you could guess, the Magic have a number of highly ranked players in this statistic.

In this formula, Dwight Howard is the 5th-best player, and Rashard Lewis is 11th. Hedo Turkoglu is in the top 25 as well.

Fittingly, LeBron James is the top-rated player and Ricky Davis is rated last. Click here to see the entire rankings.

And lastly, check out Nichols’ most valuable first team, where you’ll find Ramon Sessions, a player a lot of people thought the Magic might pursue when Jameer Nelson went down.

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