Around the web: paying respects to Rudy

Before the links, how about some respect for Rudy Fernandez, who had two of the coolest dunks on Saturday. Obviously, Fernandez could’ve dunked from the rafters and not made the final round – it was the Dwight and krypto-Nate show. But the 42s for both of Fernandez’s dunks were wrong… WRONG. WROOOOOONG. The Sentinel says that the Magic are counting on Dwight Howard for the second half of the season. It’s up to Howard to lead the Magic through rocky times, something he hasn’t done yet in his period of superstardom. A story with the headline “Rashard remains confident.” The first sentence says the Magic are this season’s New Orleans Hornets. Uh, the Magic won 52 games last season. The Magic are sending out text message news alerts to fans. More talk about the Magic’s need for better play at point guard. And apparently there are some people out there who think Jameer Nelson can come back.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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