Around the web: Cavs need to quit crying

The Cavs are taking Mo Williams’ all-star snub a little bit too seriously. Honestly, I’d put Vince Carter and Antawn Jamison on the squad before Mo Williams. Hedo got jobbed worse last year. Since when is it an unwritten rule that the best team should have more than one all-star? The honor is supposed to go to the best players, not the best team. That’s why I don’t like the Heisman Trophy… They end up just giving it to the quarterback of the top-ranked team almost every year. It’s supposed to be an individual award. Individual. Mo Williams is a nice player — he averages 17 and 4 with a solid shooting percentage. Those are great numbers that complement LeBron James well. But an all-star? Maybe in the West. The people’s champ is running laps just to work up a sweat. JJ Redick and Keith Bogans have been fazed out. A pretty cool story about Otis Smith’s daughter, who plays basketball at a local high school. Coming off a tough loss to the Magic, Chris Bosh tells Toronto management that he’ll be entering free agency next offseason. Wednesday night’s game against the Clippers is college night. Says Stan Van Gundy, after winning his 200th game: “It means I get another ball in my office, one of those lettered balls. That’s good, because the more balls you put in there, it really looks like you’re accomplishing something. You can fool a lot of people with that.”

Philip Rossman-Reich

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