Anthony Johnson, Magic make it rain

Nothing like a 62 percent 3-point shooting night to make everyone feel a little better. In the Magic’s first game sans Jameer Nelson, Anthony Johnson went six-for-eight from the 3-point line, scored 25 points and helped the Magic to a 125-96 win over the Clippers. After two days of panic over Nelson’s season-ending injury, this was a healthy dose of ecstacy for Orlando. The Magic made 16 of 26 3-pointers on the night, and they scored 72 points in the first half to put the game away early. CAREER GAME FOR LEE AT SG Courtney Lee scored a career-high 21 points, balling all over fellow rook Eric Gordon. Lee hit all three of his 3-point attempts, went 9-for-10 from the field, and he got some quality minutes at the point. It’s obvious, though: Lee is definitely not a point guard, at least not yet. That’s evident every time he takes the ball up the court. Despite the big win, it’s even more clear now the Magic need to make a trade, because this unit ain’t gonna cut it. Lee is a great shooting guard, and could very well be the Magic’s starting 2 for many years to come. But no matter how bad anyone wants him to be, he’s not a point guard. SAD CLIPPERS Sure, Wednesday’s win was against the Clippers – a team that seems to hate one another and especially hate its coach – but Baron Davis, Marcus Camby, Al Thornton and Zach Randolph all played. Well, they were on the court, but I wouldn’t automatically call that playing. That team is jacked up. No one seems to care. Why haven’t they fired Mike Dunleavy yet? Why did they trade for Zach Randolph? Whose idea was it to sign Baron Davis? They need to blow up that team and build around Al Thornton, Eric Gordon and Chris Kaman. I’d say give Baron Davis to a contender, but I wouldn’t take Davis’ 5-year contract on the Magic. I don’t know who would. DOMINATING THE BOARDS The Magic had a dominating 48-32 advantage on the boards, and Dwight Howard only played 30 minutes. MC March had eight points and eight rebounds in eight minutes. I swear, we should starting calling him the janitor, because he kills it on mop-up duty. He’s the king of garbage time.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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