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We’re still only three months removed from the Lakers celebrating the championship on Orlando’s home floor, yet we’ve seen the Magic pull a blockbuster trade for Vince Carter and Ryan Anderson, send promising fan-favorite Courtney Lee to New Jersey, allow Hedo Turkoglu to spurn Portland for Toronto, acquire free agents Brandon Bass, Matt Barnes and Jason Williams, and endure the announcement that Rashard Lewis will be suspended due to taking a banned substance. That’s a mighty long sentence to describe a young team coming off its first trip to the NBA Finals. 72 words, actually, and I was trying to be concise (not even a mention Dwight Howard’s busy summer, Rafer Alston, Tony Battie or C.J. Watson). With the draft, free agency, training camp and preseason, the term offseason doesn’t really apply to the NBA. That said, you may have noticed the activity here at Orlando Magic Daily has dropped off over the last couple weeks. Here’s the deal: I told myself I’m going to take August and early September lightly. With everything else going on (Woody and I both have real jobs), I simply felt that this stretch – the least busy month on the NBA calendar – was a good time to unwind and step away from the keyboard for a little bit. After 443 posts in six months, I needed a break. Just know that things will be back to normal as we get closer to the season. The comments have kept things going a little bit, and I’m grateful for that. Many commenters have some really interesting things to say, and I love it. This upcoming season is going to be a lot of fun.

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