A quick look ahead

I was hoping we’d all have a few days to sit back and unwind after an exhilarating couple months, but Hedo Turkoglu’s agent announced Turk will be opting out of his contract and Chris Sheridan is already mulling the possibilities of where the 30-year-old might end up. Through the coming weeks we’ll have some season-wrapping stuff, in addition to the proceedings of Turkoglu and Marcin Gortat, who is also a free agent. There’s also the possibility of an extension for SVG, and the Magic are reportedly looking to deal the relatively hefty contracts of Rafer Alston (5.2 million) and Tony Battie (6.3 million). For a team without a draft pick, this will be a busy offseason for the Magic and Orlando Magic Daily. We’ll get into it in the coming weeks and months.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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