A Dallas perspective on Brandon Bass

I, admittedly, didn’t know a whole lot about Brandon Bass before this offseason. I know he’s been a guy with potential, but guys with potential are all over the NBA. I know he can shoot, but his range is only 16-18 feet. I know he’s struggled with defense and rebounding, two traits the Magic sorely need to complement Dwight Howard. So sue me if I’m not exactly bouncing off the walls at the thought of Bass in a Magic uniform. But I’m starting to warm up to the idea. I spoke to Rob Mahoney, the brains behind The Two Man Game, today via e-mail, and here’s what he had to say about Brandon Bass:

Personally, I think Bass would be a fantastic fit for the Magic. That said, he doesn’t fit as seamlessly into offense as you’d like. SVG may have to re-work some of the schemes to allow Bass to operate from the high post or baseline, because his range doesn’t quite reach the NBA three. He is, however, a reliable jumpshooter from midrange, and his finishing abilities around the basket should be complemented nicely by the extra attention Dwight Howard draws down low. Through my own observations, it seemed that the Magic could really benefit from another rebounder opposite Dwight. I know that Bass’ rebounding rates aren’t spectacular, but he also played a lot of minutes as an undersized center. But for Orlando’s power forward, it shouldn’t be about what percentage of rebounds come Bass’ way; it’s more important that the Magic have a tough, physical option to throw into the mix at power forward. Bass isn’t about to make Magic fans forget about Hedo Turkoglu, and he can’t even mimic Shard’s contributions to the position. Still, he’s a player. He’s young, and he’s improving (his defense is already light-years better than it was when he came into the league), and the combination of potential, skill, age, and price should have people pretty excited. If the Magic sign Bass, the only parties that will be sorry will be Orlando’s playoff opponents and the rims at Amway. Bass and Howard will rock the boat, baby.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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